Hors-d' Oeuvers


1.Beef sirloin steak tatare with extras (sirloin, egg, onion, marinated mushrooms, cucumber, capers) – 25,00zł

2.Tatar made from salmon with quail's eggs – 19,00zł

3.Herrings a'la Matiasin oil with onion – 14,00 zł




1.Lithuanian borscht with bouled meat-pies – 14,00zł

2.Clean borscht – 7,00 zł

3.Sour soup with sausage and egg –60cl- 18,00 zł



1.Grilled chicken breast on lettuce (chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, paprika, red onion, fresh garlic sauce) – 19,00 zł

2.Greek salad (feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, red onion and vinaigrette) – 22.00 zł




1.Fillet steak, potato slices, grilled vegetables, green papper sauce – 68,00 zł

3.Beefroulade in mushroom sauce, served with buckwheat and warm beetroor salad – 44,00 zł




1.Homely pork chop with boiled potatoes and fried cabbage – 28,00 zł

2.Neck-pork roasted in gorse-radish sauce with potatoe dumplings and browned red beets – 26,00zł




1.1/2 Duck roasted with apples and plums in roast-apple-plum sauce with special noodles and red cabbage salad – 58,00 zł

2.Chicken fillet, pieces of potatoesi, mushroom sauce, fresh veetables – 29,00 zł





1.Grilled salmon in lemon sauce with broccoli and pieces of potatoes  – 44,00zł

2.Fish fillets on spinach in white sauce with rise – 38,00 zł




1.Russian dumpling with onion – 14,00 zł

2.Meat dumplings served with bacon – 16,00 zł

3.The lublin dumplings with buckweat groats, cottage cheese, mushrooms with sour cream – 16,00 zł



1.Apple-pie with scoop ofice cream – 15,00 zł

3.Ice-cream with whipped cream and fruits – 14,00 zł




1.Bread with butter – 4,00 zł

2.Herb baguette – 6,00 zł

3.Fried potatoes – 6,00 zł

4.Boiled potatoes – 6,00 zł

5.Baked potatoes – 8,00 zł

6.Puree potatoes - 6,00 zł

7.Rice – 6,00 zł

8.Buckwheat – 6,00 zł

9.Italian potato dumplings – 8,00 zł

10.A kind of potato noodles – 8,00 zł


Vegetable salad


1.Fresh vegetables salad – 8,00 zł

2.Boiled vegetables – 8,00 zł

3.Grilled vegetables – 8,00 zł

4.Tomato salad – 8,00 zł

5.Red betroots salat – 8,00 zł

6.Cucumber s with cream sauce – 8,00 zł